Remote Lessons

Drum Kit and Percussion lessons in East Sussex

Remote Lessons

I offer remote/online lessons to students who can't get to me.

I use the fantastic 

Zoom meeting

(click the link to download for free)

Using your computer webcam we can do full kit lessons, practice pad sessions and music theory over the internet. 

Full care and safe guarding is adhered to for students under 18 and for adults that can't get away from home it's a great way to learn an instrument.

I use multiple cameras, good quality sound and excellent teaching methods to give you the best lessons possible, in the comfort of your own home.

Due to my current license with Zoom Meetings I'm offering 40mins at £20

A few safeguarding T&Cs

  • The contact/sign-up address is that of a parent, not the student. 
  • Book lessons in the student’s name, however. 
  • Parents must be present for (at least) the beginning of the lesson. They are to remain either on screen or nearby, checking in regularly/having an ear on the lesson.
  • All parties must be appropriately dressed . 
  • Set yourself up in front of a neutral, appropriate background in a suitable room.
  • This method of contact is for the purpose and duration of this lesson only. This is one reason Zoom is preferable to Skype. No contact is continued through any form of address book.
  • If the parent can’t be present throughout or is happy to leave the room, Zoom allows for the lesson to be recorded by the pupil, which will then automatically save only to the device being used by them. I will ask that this happens in these instances as reference and a matter of safeguarding. 
  • I will not record lessons unless desired from an adult/parent/guardian.
  • Like in real life, please ensure you are ready to go at the arranged time.

          Technical requirements:

  • Please have headphones attached/linked via bluetooth.
  • Please use a laptop where possible. Ipad is okay and smartphones are not great.
  • If you have a USB microphone then please have this attached too.
  • In the first lesson, we will have to work through together the various settings that will allow us to continue without too much technical interference. Please have patience with this.